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Contracts form the legal basis for almost every deal that two parties make in the business world. The parties that sign a contract have a legal obligation to perform their duties according to the language in that agreement. A failure to do so may allow one party to demand enforcement of that contract as well as damages that resulted from the other party’s failure to meet their agreement.

A Denver breach of contract lawyer could help you if you believe that one party failed to perform their duties according to your agreement. Our attorneys could evaluate the terms of the agreement, determine the validity of the contract, and defend your position concerning your rights and obligations in a courtroom.

What is a Breach of Contract?

All businesses rely on contracts to conduct daily operations. From securing materials and ensuring customers purchase safe products to obtaining real estate. When parties enter a contract, they have a legal right to expect that the other party will perform their role under the language of the document. It is a failure to perform this role that constitutes a breach of contract.

More specifically, state law defines a breach of contract as a failure to perform a contractual promise when performance is due. A breach is material, meaning it is deserving of a remedy, when the breach is so substantial that it interferes with the purpose of the contact. For example, if Party A fails to provide raw materials by a specific date as stipulated in the contract, a material breach has occurred. Here, Party B may demand compensation in civil court and may no longer have the obligation to provide payment as the contact requires. A Denver attorney could assess your case and determine if a breach of contract has occurred.

Legal Options in Denver to Protect Contractual Rights

Breaching a contract exposes a party to legal liability. The party who believes that a breach has occurred has the right to demand compensation in a civil courtroom. If a party can show that a material breach has occurred, they may pursue a variety of options. The most direct remedy is an enforcement of their rights under the contract, such as payment for services rendered. However, this may not apply to all situations. The contract itself may specify damages in case of a breach. In other cases, a party may pursue compensation in the form of a rescission of an obligation under the contract or restitution payments as a penalty for a breach. A Denver lawyer could help parties to pursue the remedies that are right for them following a breach of contract.

Speak with a Denver Breach of Contract Attorney

Every contract carries the weight of the law. Either party can ask a civil court to intervene if they believe that the other party has violated the terms of the deal.
As a result, any deviation from the terms of a contract is a breach. Damages in a breach of contract case typically involve completion of the contract by the breaching party, but the agreement may specify additional penalties.

A Denver breach of contract lawyer could protect your legal rights after someone fails to meet the terms of your agreement. They could petition courts to enforce the terms of the contract as well as defend you against allegations that you failed to meet the terms of your agreement. Contact our office today to schedule a case consultation.

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