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In cases of business disputes or fraud, a civil lawsuit may be one of the only options available for righting a wrong. When civil litigation is successful, it could result in financial monetary compensation. Despite the possible benefits of a lawsuit, litigation can be difficult without the right attorney guiding you.  Aggressively pursuing your legal options is best done with experienced legal counsel. If you are suffering losses because of fraud, the right litigation strategy could make a significant difference for your case. A Denver fraud litigation lawyer could provide the guidance you need.

Forms of Fraud that May Result in Litigation

There are countless ways that fraud can impact the life of an individual or business. A lawyer in Denver who is familiar with fraud litigation could assist in pursuing a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator.

Business Fraud

Many of the common acts of fraud involving a business entity are between partners, members, or shareholders. This fraud could relate to improperly valuing the company, selling assets, or even pursuing bankruptcy to avoid debts.

Investment Fraud

Many acts of fraud involve false misrepresentations of stockbrokers or other investment specialists. This type of fraud can devastate an individual’s finances. Investment fraud could involve the embezzlement of funds that were intended for investment. This crime could also involve a broker steering their client’s money toward an investment that will benefit the broker personally. This type of conflict of interest is especially problematic when it is risky or otherwise not in the investor’s best interests.

Civil vs. Criminal Options

Most acts of fraud have the potential to lead to criminal charges. However, a civil lawsuit could represent an individual’s best option for recouping the funds they may have lost. While a criminal prosecution focuses on incarcerating the perpetrator, a civil lawsuit has the sole purpose of recovering compensation for the individual who suffered damages.

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Whether you are dealing with a business conflict or an incident of fraud, litigation could be your opportunity to make things right. With the right attorney guiding you, it could be possible to recover your financial losses through a civil lawsuit.

A Denver business and fraud litigation lawyer could provide the tools needed to help you prevail in your claim. Call today to learn more.

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