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Consumer fraud continues to be a serious problem. Companies may engage in unethical business tactics that take money or property from unsuspecting customers. This activity is against the law, and local law enforcement takes these investigations seriously.

Those who suffered losses as a result of fraud have the option to pursue lawsuits in civil courts. These claims are typically filed when a person or company violates the state’s Consumer Protection Act when conducting business. A Denver consumer fraud lawyer could help you with the process of filing this type of claim. One of our skilled attorneys could investigate the fraudulent activity, explain your rights under the law, and pursue lawsuits that demand appropriate compensation for your losses.

What Actions Constitute Consumer Fraud

Traditionally, a party commits fraud if they obtain the property or money of another through the use of deception. A simple example can be the taking of a person’s money to install a new washing machine, but the party that takes the money never arrives to perform the installation.

Colorado Revised Statute § 6-1-105 lists a variety of ways in which a party may commit an unfair trade practice and violate the Consumer Protection Act. Some prominent examples include:

  • Representing that goods are new when they are used or refurbished
  • Knowingly making false representations as to the character of goods
  • Employing bait and switch advertising
  • Conceiving or operating a pyramid scheme

People or companies who violate this act are subject to a state investigation. In addition, the Consumer Protection Act allows people who were customers or potential customers of violators to bring their own civil lawsuits to court demanding compensation. A Denver lawyer could help people to pursue their consumer fraud cases under this law or other examples of common law fraud.

What Compensation May a Party Pursue in a Consumer Fraud Claim?

As a general rule, parties who suffer harm because of the actions of others can only demand compensation to cover their actual losses. Using the above example, the damages in this case would be the cash that the customer provided to the washing machine company.

However, the state has long recognized that consumer fraud is an especially egregious act that can harm people in ways far more insidious than simple monetary losses. As a result, parties bringing claims to civil court that allege fraud may be able to claim exemplary damages.

According to Colorado Revised Statute § 13-21-102, a civil claim of fraud that manages to prove “willful and wanton conduct” on the part of the defendant may be eligible for double damages. This means that if a plaintiff can show that the fraudulent party acted with the intent to commit fraud, the court has the discretion to award additional compensation. A Denver attorney could help to determine if this option is available in a consumer fraud case.

Speak with a Denver Consumer Fraud Attorney

If you have suffered harm because of a fraudulent business act, you have the right to seek out compensation. This behavior can include bait and switch sales tactics, the passing of used goods as new, or the operation of a pyramid scheme. A Denver consumer fraud lawyer is ready to fight for you and to bring you the fair compensation that you deserve. Reach out today to discuss your case.

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